The Story of Stadshotellet

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Stadshotellet 1899 — 2018

Stadshotellet was founded in 1899, in the house of the Fontell family by the main street of Jakobstad, Kanalesplanaden. The property had been raised in 1805 by Dr. Kurtén, and was later owned by sea captain S.W. Fontell, thereby the name. The Runeberg family, whose son Johan Ludvig later was to become the national poet of Finland, resided in the house from 1811 to 1815.

Stadshotellet was first restored by Emil Höglund in 1908, who built an additional three story building along Kanalesplanaden. The building, which contained a large Art Nouveau restaurant and a dining area, was designed by architect Wanter Thomé. Since then, it has been modernized and rebuilt to add an additional level to it. During the 1930’s the construction continued, and the hotel got a new, modern, functional styled interior.

The town saw an economic upswing in the late 1940’s, which increased the need to expand the hotel. This time K.J. Ahlskog was head of contruction and the expandation continued north along Alholmsgatan. The hotel got a modern entrance and reception facing Alholmsgatan. The hotel was owned for a long time by a company run by the biggest industries in town, and it was during the 1950’s and the 1960’s that the hotel lived its golden years.

The old part of the hotel, the former house of the Fontell family, was demolished in the mid 80’s. The demolished part was replaced by a frontage similar to the old one, but with a modern interior. After the renovations the main entrance and front desk were temporarily moved back here, to the original spot, which is since 1997 also where you will find us now.

In 2020 the Stadshotellet was divided into two parts. The newly renovated side with 68 rooms is called Stadshotellet, the old side with 30 rooms is now called Comfort Guesthouse.

Today, Stadshotellet in Jakobstad is privately owned and it is the oldest hotel in Finland to still carry the name Stadshotell.